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Our Furniture-Cupboards & Cabinets

We offer a very large selection of cupboards and cabinets. All of which are very useful for storage or display. Some put to use those great architectural salvage, old doors and ceiling tiles while some are open for display. All of our primitive colors are available on any cupboard or cabinet. Sizes may very depending on materials available or your specific need for storage or display. Cupboards and cabinets are great for almost any room, while keeping that great primitive look alive with worn spots and period correct hardware.

Wasting no architectural salvage from an old house the doors are put to good use in a Double Door Chimney Cupboard. These cupboards are great for storage and work well in almost any room. The size varies depending on the size of the door being used, but they are approx. 61/2 to7 ft tall and 32 inches wide. That great primitive look is kept alive by leaving the old worn spots and chippy paint in tact when possible, but these cupboards are available in all of our primitive colors.


Fancy Open Jelly Cupboard
Small Natural Cabinet
Natural Double Door Chimney Cupboard
Red Double Door Chimney Cupboard

Box Display Cabinet
Open Jelly Cupboard
Jack Leg Jelly w/Glass
Jack Leg Jelly w/Tin Door
Jack Leg Jelly
Single Door Chimney Cupboard
Red Texas 2 Door
Texas 2 Door








honey cabinet.jpg (263463 bytes)The Jack Leg Jelly Cupboard is another useful piece of furniture made from an old house door. A little shorter than the chimney cupboard, they are approx. 41/2 to 51/2 ft tall and about 20 inches wide. Being equipped inside with shelves makes this a great storage piece.



chimney cupboard.jpg (63362 bytes)


Open Chimney Cupboard.  This is the same as a single door chimney, except it is open and does not have a door. With plate grooves cut in each shelf, this is a wonderful addition to the dining room for showing off your collectables. The size is approx. 61/2 to 7 ft tall and 18 inches wide. This piece is a little larger than the open jelly cupboard and has a crown and has timed base, which the jelly does not.



open jelly cupboard 2.jpg (454949 bytes)A neat small cupboard for displaying or storing things, this Open Jelly Cupboard is approx. 13 to 18 inches wide and 5 ft to 61/2 ft tall. The trim on this piece is also a great use of architectural salvage.



A useful cupboard and a great conversation piece, this Pantry Cupboard will look great in any room. Examples, bathroom for towels, kitchen for dishes or pantry space, bedroom for linens, or a good replacement for that dresser you are tired of digging in to find things and the TV will go on top.

single wide chimney with 2 doors.jpg (299830 bytes)Single Door Chimney Cupboard.  What a wonderful use for an old house door. These functional pieces of furniture are equipped with shelves for storage or displaying. Approximate sizes of these cupboards are 6 to 7 ft tall and about 18 inches wide, depending on the size of the door being used. All of our great primitive colors are available on this piece and upon availability the doors are left with worn spots and chippy paint, which enhances the primitive look. Another version of this cupboard is when there are 2 smaller doors, one above the other, and sometimes an old window is used for the top door.





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